Megasoma pupae!

A couple days ago, my two specimens of Megasoma elephas elephas (Megazord and Rita Repulsa) finally decided to pupate!

I got them both on August 19th, 2010 in L3 stage – and they pupated on July 7th, 2011 after about 2-3 years of larval stage.

I wanted to record a video of them but I unfortunately missed both pupations. I hope to be there when they emerge though, it should take about a month if I’m lucky.

Here’s how awesome they looked right after pupating: 

Since they’ve both had some troubles with mites during the larval stage, I decided to dig them up and place them in new artificial cocoons, this way I’ll be able to check on them easily and clean them up if needed.

If you wanna see more epic pics, check out the Megasoma Elephas page!!

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  1. Killing Jar Studio

    such a lovely sleeping baby!

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