Megasoma imagoes!

Megazord and Rita have been dead for quite e while now.

They’ve been properly dried and now they are pinned in a beautiful display!

Unfortunately Megazord didn’t live long as an adult, since probably due to the mites that attacked him during L3 stage, he emerged from pupa with a broken front leg and a very thin horn.

pinned Megasoma

Other than that they had a happy life! Rita Repulsa is missing part of her leg too in this picture, but it was only because of a little accident during the drying process. Dry beetle legs are so fragile!!!

It makes ’em look a lot more Piratey though, am I rite???

Mega pirate


you can now check out their ADULT STAGE PICTURES in the Megasoma elephas page!


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  1. Killing Jar Studio

    They’re beautiful even dead.

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